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Malformed Scenery

This work was intended to discovering the narrative which occur at the border line of the produced fictional landscape and the real landscape.
I like to associate objects with other emotions or things that can be remembered. From fragmented objets that is thrown away in the streets to the made-up fake landscapes, I wish these simple objects will discover some other image that is different from its original image through association. The separated objects, which has been thrown into space in mounds, or the fake landscapes go beyond the given image and provides us a narrative of fantasy. The landscape works which has been expressed in forms of models, express landscapes associated from the real landscapes through objects. This is under premise of relationship from all that is related to me. These objects are faced with situations of paradox and incongruity within groups of imagined space, and at times they are described as scenes that are somewhat violent, empty or anxious. This work which attempts to follow the association method used in games of childhood comes to discover another narrative when it attempts the combination of unpredictable objects or reveals the contrived and unnatural landscapes explicitly. The unnatural combination and the chaotic images which has been left separated are symbolic landscapes that secretly relate to reality.

This work is made into image through three types of layering: Collecting and editing objects, installing the objects in space, and drawing the printed images. After recollecting the objects which have remained in my memory, I edit them into an image of my preference and install them into space and create a narrative within landscape. And after creating the installed landscape into a printed image, I finally make a drawing over paper. At the last process of drawing, I transfer the image over paper using carbon paper. At the process of transferring, my imaginary landscape is put on and constructed along with the photographed image of the installed landscape. In other words, above the image which is being transferred, my imagination is simultaneously being transferred.

The image, which started from the collection of old memories, is reedited into a narrative drawing, mixed with the imagined landscapes. This enables us to discover the experienced narrative that relates with the real landscape, beyond the fake landscape built with old memories and imagination.