2016 Membrane (Sohyun, Ahn / Independent Curator)
2015 In Between (Kim, Hyunju)
2014 A Way to Live in a Vacant Lot (Jo, Eunbi _Chief Curator / Art Space Pool)
2013 Thoughts on Certain Ruins (Hyun, Si-won _Curator / Audio Visual Pavilion)
2012 In between Landscapes and Anti-landscapes (Lee, Kwan-hoon _Curator / project space SARUBIA)
2011 Monumental Delusion (Eunju Lee _Curator and Art Historian)
2011 Hollow nature (Lee Sun-young _Critic)
2010 On An Gyung-Soo’s Drawings (Kang Hong-Goo _Artist)
2009 I Play, Therefore I Exist. (Kong Ju-hyung _Art Critic)
2008 Green Mountain (Choisie _MONGIN ART CENTER curator)
2006 Individual’s dreams and despair inside a structure (Jungi Gim _Art critic)
2006 A Short Thought on Life Seen through (Kim Sang-cheol _Art Critic)